Are scorpio risings intimidating ink dating test

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Are scorpio risings intimidating

Leo risings understand the power of the first impression and never waste it. Strengths: organized, helpful, humble Weaknesses: uptight, picky, cold You've probably been called out for being a little, er, standoffish in new situations.That's because you're too busy watching everyone else.

That said, you may come off as a workaholic to some.Strengths: generous, enthusiastic, warm Weaknesses: aggressive, self-centered, cocky You're a star and everyone (including you) knows it.You come on strong, but you often lead with genuine interest and affection.You are detail-oriented to a fault, but that doesn't mean you just observe without doing.It might not be clear right off the bat, but people with Virgo rising make seriously helpful, supportive friends.

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Strengths: charming, fair, sincere Weaknesses: indecisive, clingy, cagey When people look at you, they see a mediator — but not necessarily an ally.

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