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Dating blue note records

and the second number in sequence is the Saturation of color in the gem.So, as an example, when you see a Ruby given the color "R", this would indicate the color is "Red" meaning the primary color is Red and there appears to be no noticeable secondary color..."We were all in shock." Munoz, who was a track star in high school and trains in MMA fighting, said he's always been an adrenaline junkie.It wasn't until this year that he decided to try noodling for fish with his friend Troy.Now that he's caught his record fish, Munoz said he plans to promote noodling further."I have more fun showing people how to catch now," Munoz said.With patience, he was able to snag a large bass and showed it off. Munoz and his friends ended up near a big steel pipe in about 8 feet of water.

Instead of a using a fishing rod, he held some bait right on the top of the water.

She cut me up good but I got my right hand in there too.

That's when she started going wild." A GREAT CATCH: Houston boy catches great white shark while fishing in Cape Cod Munoz was able to wrap his legs around her when the fish settled down for a second.

Watching his friend pull catfish out of the water bare handed was enough to get Munoz to jump in.

Munoz and his buddies hit Lake Palestine, which is known for producing big cat fish.

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When Mason Munoz tells you his fishing story, try not to balk if he looks like he's wrestling a steer instead of catching a fish.

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