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First, he must act with temperance, whereby he keeps his passions and emotions under the control of reason, acts with moderation and uses material goods in a good way and in accord with the circumstances of his life.

Second, the virtue of justice governs both the game itself as well as the person playing the game.

Yet, I know many good Catholics who visit places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and play slot machines and the like, or schools that have casino nights as fund raisers. Gambling, whether it involves games of chance (e.g.

card games), wagers or betting, or even lotteries, is not intrinsically evil (Catechism, no. However, a person may only engage in these activities with a strict adherence to virtue.

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Andrew Bridgen, Tory candidate for North West Leicestershire, said last night: 'It has been shown time and time again that Jeremy Corbyn's funding commitments don't add up.

When it comes to inheritance tax and wealth taxes, how many times do Labour want to tax people on the same assets?

Granted there was that temptation to keep going, thinking, “The next one will be the jackpot,” but we held to the limit.

A player must be free to dispose of the stakes wagered in the game. In a recent study, Harvard Medical School found that 1.29 percent of the adult population in America are pathological gamblers: this equates to 2.2 million addicted gamblers.

He must be able to accept the risk of losing the stakes without incurring harm to himself or to others. Another 4 percent are considered “problem gamblers.” Such addiction is a spiritual enslavement that a person allows to happen.

Consequently, a person must be careful not to become addicted to gambling because of its excitement or the possibility of making “quick, easy, big money.” He must not risk money that is necessary for the livelihood of himself or those entrusted to his care.

Moreover, a gambler should always weigh whether that money could be better used for something of clear, tangible benefit. While everyone enjoys winning, the motive for playing the game should be one of pleasure rather than of gain.

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