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Dating midget woman

At this point for the remainder of the program, an identical format to season one is played out.At the end of the date, the victimized dater is informed by The Devil that this is a prank show and that all three daters are actors, and that they are on "Hell Date." The unsuspecting dater is then interviewed on their experience on the show. At the end of the second segment, the episode ends. Each episode featured only one unsuspecting dater and one single segment.In the beginning of each episode, "The Devil" in a prerecorded scene is sitting in a dark room and conversing with and describes three hell date actors, and the character they are portraying to the unsuspecting dater.

At the end of the date, the victimized dater is informed that this is a prank show and that they are on "Hell Date." This is done by a character named "The Devil" who is a little person dressed in a devil costume.

"My sense is that they probably didn't do anything too derogatory." But the retired software design and sales executive said he remains troubled about the idea of throwing averaged-sized women into the mix, an element of the show he called "ill-advised" and potentially hurtful to his members.

"Personally, I think that the (bachelor) guy might have the same tastes I have and prefer a little woman and reject the average-sized women," he said.

Homer attempts to spend more time with Maggie and ends up bringing her to Moe's Tavern.

Moe is cleaning up the bar for a date, and finds out he actually has a window, which was previously obscured by layers of grime.

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The show presented itself as a typical dating show, such as Blind Date, however it featured actors pretending to be a contestant/participant on the show, and portraying a character, with their goal being to make the date an unpleasant experience.