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I choose to trust them but the more stuff like this comes out, the more I feel like I’ll be more hurt in the end when the truth comes out.” “I don’t believe the DO Sojin couple at all but this makes me second guess myself..

O dating”“This is the new picture, you can see Sojin next to D.

Rumors say that idols exchange love notes during the event.

Regarding this, Hyeri commented, "There can be someone's ex and an ex-ex boyfriend and everyone."Yura added that she saw idols exchanging flirty eyes.

O, his manager, Kim Sohyun and other people came to drink at the Cafe please don’t make up rumors.[ 61, – 0] Everyone knows that this was at the shooting of ‘Innocence’ and that it’s Kim So Hyun beside him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. O to Sojin just leave them alone ㅠ.[ 55, – 68] You don’t need to make things up we all know they’re dating..

Source: Pann Via: Koreaboo That first photo is definitely not Sojin..REACH! that's so annoying ppl need to leave her alone and out of their sad shit stirringot but if akp is a banned source why isn't kboo one too?

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Here is a compilation of “evidence” that the poster has collected. O has the running shoes in white and Sojin has the running shoes in black.

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