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Sexual gamesonline

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And women were the most frequent target of harassment, he said. Toulouse experienced the wrath of angry gamers firsthand, who figured out where he lived, then called the police with false reports about trouble at his house (more than once, SWAT teams were sent).It cheekily catalogs the slurs, threats and come-ons women receive while playing games like Resident Evil or Gears of War 3.The blog publishes screenshots and voice recordings that serve as a kind of universal citation in each new controversy, called upon to settle debates or explode myths.For instance, many of the site’s recordings feature deep voices captured from the chat features of online games, debunking the widely held belief that bad behavior begins and ends with 13-year-old boys.Jessica Hammer, a longtime player of video games and a researcher at Columbia University, said the percentage of women playing such games online ranges from 12 percent to close to half, depending on the game type.

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Some abandon anonymous play for safer communities or “clans” where good behavior is the norm.