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I’m not convinced that the long-form work of fiction packaged as will continue to exist as a literary artifact a whole lot longer — it is mainly a product of the past two centuries, which featured great advances in printing and the arrival of a middle-class with leisure time that could be filled with literature — but the novel is not quite dead yet.

Thus, the second morsel of wisdom I offer wannabes is to give up seeking validation from friends and relatives. If nothing else, reading loose manuscript pages is a pain in the ass.

We like to hear how the rest of the human race is doing.

And so here is , my story about a hippie commune in Vermont in the 1960s, an era which, all of a sudden, is now a half century ago — meaning the misty, distant past.

A harsh message perhaps, but essential to incorporate in your world-view if you want to take up the vocation.

I came by this knowledge the hard way, having been fucked around by morons in the publishing industry my whole career — not to put too fine a point on it.

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